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A robust, configurable and affordable “all-in-one” system
for optimizing direct commerce business processes.

RESPONSE is the preferred and leading solution for mail order and web commerce. One fully integrated system tying together all aspects of every sales channel and serving thousands of users worldwide. Consistently ranked above Mail Order Manager as one of the best mail order software programs available.

Mail Order – Web – Catalog – Point of Sale – E Commerce

RESPONSE expertly handles phone, mail order, retail and internet orders in a seamless, efficient, reliable and cost-effective manner. Undeniably one of the world’s best direct commerce and mail order management software programs for multi-channel direct marketers since 1985!

RESPONSE provides everything you need to run your multi-channel direct commerce catalog, mail order, internet, and retail operations more efficiently. From call center, point-of-sale, and web order processing as well as fulfillment, inventory control, customer service, returns, management reporting and everything in between, in a word RESPONSE delivers.

We continually strive to be your most valuable asset — empowering you and your staff to delight and win over customers while you frustrate and overwhelm your competitors.

  • Far lower cost (not just licensing — but also lower ongoing costs of maintenance and general care and feeding)
  • Outstanding performance and scalability (thanks, primarily, to our use of the MS SQL database)
  • Superior design and execution (Response is much easier to use, yet gives up nothing in terms of power and flexibility)
  • User-Configurable (no system on the market today, regardless of cost, can be configured as extensively and as easily as Response)
  • Best Practices (Response is designed to direct all operational workflow in the most accurate and efficient manner possible — our success in this regard is second to none)
  • State-Of-The-Art Technology (no systems anywhere near our price offer seamless telephony integration, unlimited system-wide, on-line CASS processing, a real time web connectivity API, the best user-defined, file-based shopping cart interface available, and a robust finder file with full media match back capabilities to source web orders automatically and accurately)
  • Satisfied Customers (that our clients are among the most satisfied, and loyal, of all order management systems is no accident). Our entire staff is committed to providing the highest level of service available in our industry. CoLinear’s CEO works directly with clients in customer support every day to ensure quality and quick turnaround. It is our collective dedication and hard work that ultimately makes our clients, and CoLinear, successful.

RESPONSE delivers real value. We are serious about pleasing and retaining our clients based on the quality of products and services we provide. We have earned outstanding client references who will attest to the fact that we do what we say – and we do it well. Our success is predicated upon, and measured by, your success. Nothing more, and nothing less.

Direct Commerce Solution
CoLinear Systems designs, sells and supports the RESPONSE “Professional Direct Commerce & Fulfillment System.” Our market-leading direct commerce software combines the familiarity, flexibility and low-cost of a Windows-based application with the power, scalability and reliability one expects from only top-of-the-line midrange and mainframe systems. Consequently, as our clients prosper and grow, Response can continue to meet their needs when lesser solutions would have long since fallen short.

Room To Grow

One client soared from start-up to over $50 million in sales and everyone felt Response had played a pivotal role in their success for so little investment.
This example exemplifies our raison d’être that Response should empower every client to achieve maximum business and operational success from the least possible investment in software, hardware and services.

Custom / Version-Proof

Unlike other systems in its class, Response can be customized to tailor the application and its modular components to meet the unique and evolving needs of the businesses it serves. Typically, customization in Response is achieved without sacrificing any future program version compatibility or ongoing support services, because the underlying application logic remains unchanged.

Run-Time Configurable

Most customization can be performed “in the field” and on-demand by a technically savvy, non-programmer. External containers of application logic [called “secondary process engines”] are left exposed to the System Supervisor who may modify or extend the behavior of the application at will and in virtually limitless ways. Moreover, by retaining full ownership to the enhanced business and workflow rules afforded by external customization, each end-user maintains control over the application and essential independence from the software vendor.

We are, in short, a leading provider of software and services to companies seeking to attract and retain customers
with efficient order processing, fast and accurate order fulfillment, superior customer service, and the comprehensive
analysis and management reporting it takes to seize and sustain a marked competitive edge.

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