CoLinear Systems was founded in 1985 to design and develop a PC-based application for mail-order management. Since its introduction in June 1985, the Response order processing software package has consistently led the market of high-volume, multi-user, PC-based order processing and fulfillment solutions.

Response was the first and remains the most highly regarded multi-user solution for PC-based direct commerce. Our list of customers includes some of the largest and most respected direct marketers in the world. Relied upon by more than 5,000 users at some 500 sites worldwide, Response order processing software provides the necessary infrastructure to deliver a broad range of direct marketing services including call center, e-commerce, inventory control, product fulfillment, list maintenance, media and catalog tracking, comprehensive management reporting and others too numerous to list.

In August 1994, CoLinear introduced Response to the European market with the appointment of its exclusive U.K. distributor, HCCM Systems. Response was extended to provide better support for local addressing, currency, credit card and local tax (VAT) requirements.

Response Order Management Software

Introduced in October, 2000, Response is optimized for multi-user deployment using Microsoft Windows XP SP3 / Vista SP2 / 7 SP1 and Microsoft SQL Server. Our years of experience and superior technology enable Response to support more than 100 concurrent call center users with good to excellent throughput. System performance with 50 or fewer users is simply outstanding using only generic, off-the-shelf hardware and software products.

Although most Response sites process fewer than 1,000 orders per day, peak volumes in excess of 10,000 orders per day are not uncommon for larger accounts.

Response order processing software is 100% “on-line and real-time” — unlike most mid-range systems that rely upon massive overnight batch processes. Response’s transaction processing throughput is largely immune to many of the ordinary bottlenecks that can plague even the most costly batch-oriented systems. A client-server approach, rigorous data dictionary model, innovative programming techniques and the use of leading database and object-oriented technology combine to propel Response to the forefront of business software performance, reliability and scalability.

Response, in a word….Delivers.